Fix “User Intervention Required” Error on HP Printer

How to Fix “User Intervention Required” Error on HP Printer?

How to Fix “User Intervention Required” Error on HP Printer?

While printing from HP printer, your printer might suddenly display A User Intervention Required message on the computer from which you are sending the print job and the printer stops printing. The issue might appear due to a printer error condition, corrupted print jobs, or a weak printer wireless connection. In order to fix the problem, consult experts for HP printer technical support. For more details and suitable solutions read on the tutorial, here, we have discussed some the best methods to troubleshoot the problem easily.

Check for Blinking Lights or Error Messages:

  • In case your printer control panel has blinking lights or error messages, you need to clear them accordingly.

Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor:

There is a tool called HP Printer and Scan Doctor that helps you to diagnose and fix printing and scanning. You need to download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor that perform several troubleshooting steps automatically to the issues quickly. Check and respond the screens in HP Print and Scan doctor to fix the problem automatically. Once you complete the process, try to print. If your printer is still showing the same problem, go to the next method.

Clear the Print Queue:

  • First of all, you need to search Windows for local services, and then click view local services in the list of results.
  • Then, find Printer Spooler in the list of services.
  • Now, you need to right-click Print Spooler, then choose “Stop”.
  • Once the service gets stopped, you need to close the service window.
  • Further, you need to search Windows for C: and then click Windows in the list of results.
  • Next, you are required to double-click the System32 folder, and then double-click the spool folder.
  • Here, double-click the “PRINTER’S” folder and then delete all the files in the folder.
  • After completing the process, try to print from the printer.

Reset the Printer and the Computer:

  • Begin with turning on your printer.
  • Wait for few seconds till your printer gets silent before you continue.
  • You need to disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer.
  • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and wait for few seconds.
  • Now, you need to plug the power cord back into the wall outlet.
  • Next, you have to reconnect the power cord to the rear of the printer.
  • Now, turn on your printer if it does not turn on automatically.
  • At last, you have to wait for few seconds, till the printer is idle and silent before you proceed.

Check if the above-stated methods help you to fix the error message, if the error still persists, then you should better take help from the experts by contacting them at HP printer technical support phone number +1-866-505-7911. Our experts are available here round the clock delivering the best technical support service on your desk to ensure that you get the complete support satisfaction.

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